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Reasons Why People Hire Heavy Duty Towing  Franklin

It is important to know how to tow a car safely before attempting to haul any size vehicle. The slightest negligence can cause an accident on the road. Novice towers are prone to making small mistakes that can lead to large consequences; such as using wrong tow hitches, incorrect turning technique, safety light malfunctions, and more. Check with a professional tower or towing company before hauling a car or truck on your own. They can offer you free advice and even necessary merchandise you’ll need as a first-time tower. If you have hauled a vehicle before, be sure to continue reading to catch up on some reminders on how to tow a car safely.Visit us for great deals in heavy duty towing franklin.

Safety Tips for Towing a Car or Truck

When it comes to towing a car or truck, it is crucial to know what type of tow hitch you’ll need. Depending on your vehicle’s tow capacity and the size and weight of the vehicle you need to tow, towing hitch and gear will differ. Be sure to know your car or truck’s towing capacity for safe towing. Do not attempt to tow something that weighs more than your car or truck. This is exceeding your tow capacity and will quickly damage or break the vehicle’s drive train. Here are a list of some important tips and advice for towing a car safely:

-Never Exceed Towing Capacity

-Use the Correct Tow Hitch

-Always Synchronize Break Lights and Turn Signals

-Use Safety Chains

-Never Tie Safety Chains to a Bumper

-Be Sure Fog Lights, Flashers, and Headlights Work

-Practice Steering Before Using Interstate Roadways

-Anticipate Stops by Braking Early

-Double Check Hitch and Chain Connection

-Avoid Towing in Bad or Wet Weather

-Ask a Professional for Accurate Advice

It truly requires experience and practice to tow a car safely. There are so many potential dangers and complications that can arise during a tow. If you have any doubt or insecurities about towing a car, then please call a professional for advice. They can tell you whether or not your vehicle meets tow capacity for your haul and give you professional assistance if you require it. Be sure to use a licensed and reputable towing company for safe, affordable, and protected towing services.

Why You Really Need  An Auto Towing  Franklin

If you are not aware about how to tow a car, then this topic can help with various options of towing a car, safety precautions and on-road guideline in order to give you safe and hassle-free towing experience. What equipment do I need to tow my car? You first need to know that what all equipments are required to tow the car. And this depends on what kind of vehicle are you towing and how much safety you want for your vehicle. Here are some options if you need to tow your car:

Tow dollies- With this tow dollies which is two-wheel dollies, two of your cars wheels roll freely on the road while the front two are held by this tow dollies. The other end of tow dollies is attached of the vehicle you are using to tow. It is important that the cars wheels that are on ground are freely rolling as the vehicle is being towed. Otherwise your vehicle can be in much damaged which may not even be repaired. But car dollies are good option for two wheel drive. The drive shaft need to be disconnected first if you want to tow all-wheel and 4-wheel drive. And you need to get in touch with the mechanic if you don’t want to do it yourself. But if you don’t wish to disconnect then you have more options. For this you need to read further.

Tow trailers- For all-wheel as well as 4-wheel both open and enclosed towing trailer are good option. There can be the risk of transmission damage as all wheels will be off the ground. But in case of enclosed trailer, there will be increased security as well as added protection from elements. Make sure that you really need these features or not as renting a trailer can be more expensive than a dolly.

Tow bars- To connect the towing vehicle with the towed vehicle we use this system design which is also known as coach. But don’t confuse this with tow hitches. The tow bar is attached to both the vehicle in such a way that it can move freely on the road. Connections by chains are also needed in order to be safe. The tow bars are not much strong and secure option and that’s why they are less expensive. It is advisable to go with the previous option if you are travelling long distance at high speed with bumpy roads.

We hope this article helps you to choose a right option while towing your car and proves to be beneficial. It is recommended to follow the safety rules and go through by the safety guidelines given with the equipment.

A Review of 24 Hour Towing Franklin

Find how to securely tow your own particular vehicle and stay away from excessive harm and repairs. A great many people don’t believe it’s a major ordeal to tow another vehicle. They couldn’t be all the more off-base. On the off chance that you don’t comprehend what you are doing you can accomplish more harm to your vehicle than what it would have taken a toll you to have a tow truck tow it. In the event that you leave the drive wheels keep focused on the ground when you are towing it, you could bring about extreme transmission harm. You have a few alternatives while towing a two-wheel-drive vehicle. The most ideal route is with a trailer, where every one of the four wheels is off the ground. This choice functions well for any vehicle regardless if it’s front wheel drive, back wheel drive or four-wheel-drive. auto towing midland tx

Next choice would be tow dollies, which lift the front wheels off the ground. You’ve most likely seen tow dollies being utilized as you drive, when you look behind any do-it-yourself rental trucks towing an auto. You can tow a back wheel-drive vehicle with tow dollies, yet it’s significantly more work, you need to detach and evacuate the drive shaft so you won’t harm the transmission.

Another alternative is a haul bar. It’s typically formed like a triangle with an arrangement of furrowed bars. One end joins to the ball hitch on the haul vehicle and the flip side connects to the guard of the auto you are hauling. Every one of the four wheels of the vehicle is on the ground. On the off chance that you have a manual transmission on a two-wheel-drive vehicle, you can simply pop it in unbiased and haul it with the haul bar. Knowing how to securely haul your automobile will give you significant serenity realizing that you won’t harm your automobile while hauling it.